Geotechnical Analysis and Study

Having over thirty years of experience, DMY engineers are able to provide our clients with a variety of services and, at the same time, meet our clients' needs at crucial points of projects with respect to deliverable, budget, and schedule. Our geotechnical analysis and study includes:
• Soil Profile and Engineering Properties • Foundation Analysis and Recommendations
• Slope Stability Analysis • Groundwater Monitoring
• Pavement Evaluation and Study • Seepage Analysis
• Load Tests • Rock Coring
• Test Pits • Construction Vibration

Geotechnical Design

With diversified engineering experiences in different types of construction, DMY engineers have provided our clients the highest level of services in the industry. Our geotechnical design services include:
• Shallow and Deep Foundations • Retaining Walls
• Soil Nail and Rock Anchor • Support of Excavation
• Geosynthetic Reinforcement • Dewatering
• Rigid and Flexible Pavement • Ground Improvement (stone columns, deep dynamic compaction, wick drains, etc.)
• Subgrade Stabilization and Modification • Embankment

Engineering Inspection

DMY engineers provide engineering inspection services in the following specialized fields:
Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI)
Special Inspections (IBC1704)
Pavement Evaluation and Pavement Condition Index (PCI, ASTM D 6433, ASTM D 5340)
Property Condition Assessment (ASTM E 2018)
All of our inspection report will be prepared by a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in accordance with ASTM and other standards.

Ding Inspection Device (DID)

John Z. Ding, P.E. has recently developed a device for measuring the drilled shaft bottom sediment thickness without human access into the drill hole. As an economical alternative, DID can provide relatively accurate measurement when SID/Mini-SID is not available, especially, in the situation when correlations between SID/Mini-SID and DID have been made at the initial stages of the drilled shaft construction. Under such circumstances, DID can be considered as a reliable tool for the measurement of the bottom cleanliness.